The story of Pure Gold! Nebü’s Gold: Caring for the Earth

Nebü seeks to marry the divine rarity and beauty of gold, with a legacy of positive change. Creating heirloom pieces that embody positive luxury, both in their design and in their crafting process. From raw gold to masterpiece, each stage of the crafting process is earth friendly and aimed at positive change, caring for the earth, the community and the wild.

  • Nebü's gold is sourced ethically from recycled material;
  • their refining processes are low on harmful chemicals and in line with WWF sustainability standards;
  • their pieces are all crafted locally in South Africa, ensuring that the local community is empowered through labour and skills;
  • Upholding the rarity of 24 karat gold and in turn reducing their carbon footprint, all their pieces are made to order;
  • 10% of Nebü's proceeds are donated towards wildlife conservations projects, specific to each collection;
  • Nebü x Ethos of London curation of jewel are guaranteed certified pure, 24K investment-grade jewellery that will hold its value and luster for generations to come.


10% of Nebü's proceeds are donated towards these conservations projects:

Forest Restoration Project with Greenpop Trees are the lungs of the earth, and our Earth Collection supports the rehabilitation of forests in sub-Saharan Africa, aiming to plant 500 000 trees by 2025.

WWF: Black Rhino Range Expansion Project – working to grow black rhino numbers by creating new populations and providing equipment and training to rangers to monitor, manage, and protect rhinos.

CareForWild – the biggest rhino orphanage in the world, who rescue baby rhinos out of the wild, whose mothers have been poached.

African Pangolin Working Group – Rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing illegally poached live pangolins back into the wild.

Helen Viljoen, CEO Nebu Gold, grew up in South Africa and having gone on many African safari adventures she fell in love with the African wilderness. Whether in Africa or elsewhere, we all yearn to reconnect with nature in a way that is honest and pure and that led her to choose 2 debut areas of conservation to support, namely reforestation of sub-Saharan Africa and assisting anti-poaching efforts.

Nebü aims to marry beauty with impact, to infuse luxury with purpose and stand for a positive and exclusive experience that will keep giving for generations to come.