Gold Pangolin Wrist Cuff


24 karat pure gold wrist cuff by fine jewelry designer NEBU

This slender Pangolin Wrist Cuff is a versatile design. Whether you wear it alone or stacked, it oozes sophistication and African luxury. It encapsulates rarity, marring the rarity of 24k Gold, with the most rarely seen animal in the African bush.

Honouring the most trafficked animal in the world, NEBU GOLD Pangolin Collection epitomises sustainable luxury. 10% of proceeds are pledged to the African Pangolin Working Group, assisting them in the fight against poaching. 

  • 24 karat Yellow Gold*
  • Weight: 37g of gold
  • 5mm Wide, 3mm Thickness   

*Nebu Gold jewellery range is made from investment-grade 24-karat (99,99%) pure gold, recycled and refined according to high-quality production process. 

Estimated Delivery  
14 working days

Customs Duties & Taxes may apply. Shipped from South Africa


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