Cashmere Glorious Butterfly


Blue cashmere scarf with large butterfly hand-embroidered motif by JANAVI

Part of JANAVI Spectacular Collection, this stunning electric sea blue cashmere shawl features a larger hand-embroidered butterfly motif and dazzling embellishments. A conversation-starter, this piece make a statement of confident and exuberant style. In many cultures, it is said that the butterfly is a symbol for change, renewal, hope, endurance and courage to embrace positive life transformations. 

  • Hand embroidered 
  • 100% Cashmere
  • Color: Sea Blue
  • Shawl (90 X 200 cms)
  • Embroidery Time : 90 hours
  • Dry Clean Only, Store in pouch, and in a cool dry place
  • Made in India

Estimated Delivery  
7 working days

Customs Duties & Taxes may apply. Shipped from the UK

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