The art of fine jewelry is part of Silvia Furmanovich’s DNA. Her one-of-a-kind creations have been honored with awards and are sought by discerning collectors.


Handmade woven planished chain and ball pendant, 22 karat gold

one-of-a kind haute joiallerie creation

Ball and chain 22 karat gold necklace by fine jewelry designer Linda Hoj

CRAFTMANSHIP is at the heart of beauty

“Creating enduring beauty is not dependent on style but truth. Beauty is what lends things their immortality. Beauty is resilient, it is life affirming, it gives back to the world." ~ Alan Moore

Designer stories

Art and creativity is in our DNA


We host collaborations with contemporary visual artists and like-minded accessories and fashion brands.  These creative collaborations provide another platform for the enjoyment and exploration of beauty and art in day-to-day life.