Fine jewelry with art and social ethics at the forefront

ETHOS = set of beliefs and values of a particular era or community as manifested in its attitudes & aspirations. ETHOS OF LONDON is rooted in these three pillars:   

We love beauty that keeps on giving. Ethos of London mission goes beyond creative excellence. A cornerstone of our philosophy is to celebrate women's voices globally. We are committed to supporting women globally and help achieve gender equity, which is the 5th UN Global Sustainable Development Goal. 

Ethos of London contributes to vetted philanthropic organisations that support women across a range of economic and social issues. Please visit the links below to learn more about the work of our cause partner The Circle  / Fashionscapes: A living wage  


Art and creativity is in our DNA. We empower art, craftsmanship and design excellence in fine jewelry. We have an artistic eye for colour and forms and strive to curate high quality original jewels with innovative designs and timeless beauty.

Our jewels are one-of-a-kind collectible items, or produced in limited edition, and can be passed down from generation to generation. We believe that high quality design, gemstones and gold have intrinsic financial value but most of all we believe that unique jewels create a cultural legacy, personal and historical.

Original jewelry, sculptural and imaginative, is worth a thousand words to express personal style and spirit.  


Our Designers all have a common ethos, which is respect for people and the planet, and have an ethical approach to creating jewelry. Each designer have their own ethical practices in making their collections, and they also support a range of charitable causes. You can contact us to speak in more details about each particular piece of jewelry you select, and about individual designer sustainable and ethical practices. 

Ethos of London in conversation with Hannah Bedford