Our passion for fine jewelry is grounded in a larger social vision. A cornerstone of Ethos of London philosophy is to support all women to thrive and to celebrate women's voices globally.

We are committed to forging a positive social legacy. We donate and collaborate with vetted nonprofits to help achieve gender equality, the 5th United Nation Global Sustainable Development Goal. 


Our Cause Partners

Founded by singer-songwriter and activist Annie Lennox, The Circle is a unique organisation which brings Global Feminists together to build a fairer world for women and girls. From small beginnings in 2008, it has grown into an independent movement of women from all walks of life who are bonded by the desire to live in a world where women and girls have equal rights and equal opportunities.

The Circle is on a mission to economically empower women and girls and end the pandemic of violence they face. Since its inception The Circle has raised over £2.5m working with partners, which has made a difference to over 160,000 women and girls in more than 16 countries. 

The Circle of Women is a registered charity in England & Wales (Charity No. 1160293)

Find out more about their work: www.thecircle.ngo


Seeking to celebrate women and actively improve their lives, opportunities and wellfare, we are a proud supporter of Women for Women’ International's 'Stronger Women, Stronger Nations' programme.

Since 1993, Women for Women International has reached over half a million of the most socially-excluded women survivors of war in Afghanistan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda and Iraq.

Women for Women International’s year-long programme equips women to earn an income, regain their confidence and actively participate in their communities. When a woman joins the programme, she comes together with 24 other women, forming a tight support group that helps to break the isolation caused by war and insecurity. 

The Women we sponsor will learn a marketable job skill - such as tailoring or bread-making, as well as business training to turn her chosen skill into a stable income. Through the programme, she will also gain practical knowledge about her health, including reproductive health, stress management and the importance of good nutrition. 

Lastly, she will learn about her rights on key issues like voting, access to land, divorce, custody of her children and domestic abuse. Once she learns her rights, she is empowered and equipped to stand up for them and can share her knowledge with others in her community. 

With over fifty brutal armed conflicts across the globe and unprecedented levels of violence against women, there’s never been a greater need to support women survivors of war. 

Women for Women International is a UK registered charity number 1115109.
Find out more about their work: womenforwomen.org.uk